Farmer Gene's Campground.. Home away from home


Campsite Rental:
Campsites may only be rented by adults over the age of 21. Campsites are intended for one camping unit, to be occupied by two (2) adults and up to four (4) minor children. Additional guests will be requited to pay a visitor’s fee. All sites and cabins MUST be paid for with credit card at time of reservation.

Cancellation Policy: ABSOLUTELY NO CASH REFUNDS! If you cancel your reservation prior to fourteen (14) days of arrival date, you will receive a credit towards future camping in the amount of your deposit minus a $10.00 processing fee.

Check – In: Check in time is 11:00am.

Any unregistered camper is required to obtain a visitor’s pass from the office.

  • Adult Day: $4.00
    Adult Overnight: $8.00
  • Child Day: $2.00
    Child Overnight: $4.00

No charge for children under the age of 10 or Senior Citizens.

Pool & Beach:
Our pool and beach areas are for registered guests only. There are no life guards on duty; Swim at your own risk. Swim diapers are required in the pool and lake. No glass containers are allowed in the pool area or on the beach, and no drinks are allowed in the pool or hot tub. The hot tub is for use by campers 16 years of age and older. Pool and beach rules may be enforced by Farmer Gene’s Campground Staff. If a camper is asked to leave the area, they are required to comply or may be escorted from the campground. Adult Supervision is required.

Quiet Time:
Quiet time is enforced from 11:00 pm to 8:00 am. Quiet time includes, but is not limited to, no loud radio; no loud talking or laughing, or no loud amplified sound. Please be respectful of fellow campers at all times. Anyone under the age of 18 is to be in their site by 11:00 pm unless accompanied by their parents.

Golf Carts:
Golf cart drivers must be over the age of 16 with a valid driver’s license. No standing on golf carts, and we ask that  you not hold small children on your lap while driving a golf cart.
Personal Golf Carts Welcome – Must be registered in the office at time of check-in. Proof of insurance on the golf cart must be provided.

Fires must be kept at a reasonable size in the fire ring. Be sure fires are extinguished before leaving site.

Dumpsters are available at the front of the campground. Please deposit your trash in the dumpsters and limit your bags to normal campsite refuse. No trash from home.

Security personnel conduct periodic patrols, day and night. Decisions of security personnel are absolutely final pertaining to noise, campfires and other infringements of the rules. Campers shall be liable for all damage to the site and the Park caused by Camper, Camper’s children, guests and/or invitees and shall pay for all repairs thereto necessitated by the acts or omissions thereof.

No items may be taken from another site regardless of signs of occupancy. This includes but is not limited to firewood, picnic tables, or fire rings.

 By order of the Public Health Sanitation Division and the Department of Health and Family Services, all gray or discharge water coming out of a Tenant’s unit must go into a transfer tank. Violators will be subject to heavy fines and penalties by the State of Wisconsin, Division of Public Health.


You must be a licensed driver with a valid and permanent driver’s license to drive a vehicle (including golf cart) anywhere on Park Property.

SPEED LIMIT IS 5 MPH and must be observed.

You must have proof of insurance on any vehicle or golf cart driven on this property. Insurance must be presented if stopped or the vehicle will have to  be parked until proof is provided.

The maximum number of cars per site is 2. Camper registration tag or visitor pass must be hung on rear view mirror/dashboard and be visable while on the grounds.

Absolutely no vehicles should be driven after dusk unless they have headlights.
No Off-Roading: All vehicles, bicycles and pedestrian traffic must stay on roads. No cutting through campsites.

Safety is the Park’s #1 priority. Do not sit or stand on fences or railings and observe all signs that are posted around the facility, pool and pond. Lack of common sense is not an excuse for not following safety precautions.

  • Swim at your own risk. Please watch your children on the beach and in the pool. Adult supervision required.
  • Fireworks, firearms and bows are prohibited at all times.
  • Drug usage will not be tolerated. Law Enforcement will be contacted.
  • Any person whose conduct is offensive or disorderly to other campers, residents or Management, will be required to leave the premise or be restricted to their campsite. Management will determine “offensive conduct” as each instance arises, and Managements decision will be final. If Management’s decision is not followed, local authorities will be contacted and will have the right to issue a ticket/warning to the person(s) not cooperating. The person(s) may also be banned from the Park, which is private property.
  • Vandalism, disturbances, etc. will be grounds for immediate and permanent eviction from the Park. The laundry room and bathhouses are not places for congregating or hanging out for golf cart drivers or for children.

Pets are allowed on the grounds but must be kept on a leash. Pets must be quiet and Camper must pick up after their pet. Electric pet fences do not eliminate the leas or liability requirement. No pets are allowed on the beach or in the pool area. This will be enforced.